Cyclothymics unite

For me, and many people who contacted me on twitter via my Mind blog article, it can be hard to find other people with cyclothymia to talk to, swap war stories, and offer support to.

If you use twitter, or keep a blog about your experiences of cyclothymia, please fill in the form below to be added to the blog roll, or my twitter list, which can be viewed here.

Psst: I can take no responsibility for the content of external blogs or twitter feeds and cannot be held responsible for the outcome of any contact which happens as a result these networking pages.


One response to “Cyclothymics unite

  1. mike broomfield

    Hi, I am writing this now because I am high as a kite at the moment after weeks of dealing with ‘you are shit’ ‘why did you say that’ and shouting at myself in the work toilet!!
    I have physical symptoms which I haven’t seen mentioned, such as painful joints and tendonitis along with IBS when I am depressed.
    Today I feel like a man twenty years younger, I am back making music again and dare to answer the phone without dread and paranoia!
    I will make an appointment tomorrow to try for a diagnosis (that is not just depression..)
    I felt the reference to self medication and medication was very relevant as I really want to get drunk tonight but I know the blight this can have from previous experience.
    I have found though that having two types of medication have helped; Sertraline / Prozac for the lows and Mirtazapine for the highs (I get to sleep EVERY NIGHT).


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