As this site grows, I’m conscious that it becomes harder to navigate if you arrive here via a Google search.  With this in mind, this page will serve as an informal, imperfect index which I’ll update regularly-ish.

These categories are general and non-exhaustive. Many entries cross across multiple topics and issues.

Entries are listed under headings in reverse chronological order (newest first).  Last updated: August 2017

Q&As and overviews
The Great Big Cyclothymia Q&A Part 1
The Great Big Cyclothymia Q&A Part 2
Things I want you to know if you have cyclothymia
Cyclothymia is not mild

Anxiety, compulsions and associated depression symptoms and experiences
Being chased down
Unwelcome noise
As in thesis, so in life…or something
Honesty is the best policy
When she was bad
Builder of routines
Waking up on the wrong side of bed

Extended metaphors, explaining cyclothymia, and what cyclothymia ‘means’
The lights are off
Stress intolerance
Unpopular opinion
Thinking about chronic mental ill health
Head above water
Love me, love my cyclothymia

Holidays and vacations
Travelling whilst Cyclothymic

Hypomania and associated symptoms
High Stakes Gambling
David Bowie, hypomania, itchy brain and grief
You’ve got that manic feeling
Mania misunderstood
Accentuating the positive

Media about cyclothymia, and cyclothymia in the media
The Not So Secret Life of the Manic Depressive
Creativity and Mood Swings
Selfies and vlogs
The irresistible draw of madness

Medication and formal medical interventions (inc talking therapies)
The Problem with Pills
On [non] therapeutic interventions and feelings of failure
Professional Prejudice

Mental health awareness and stigma
Coming Out
World Mental Health Day

Self-care and coping strategies
Wellbeing and wank
New Year Same Brain
New Year, New You?
Self-medicating and being healthy

Just doing it for attention
Wearing my heart on my sleeve

Work and/or employment
Mental Health and Academia